Tina Floersch was born and raised in Minnesota and has always been in love with her home state, although she loves exploring and traveling - she will always know where her heart is. Currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and could not be more in the love with the city itself. Waking up to to city life has always been a dream of hers and it has finally come true.  Tina attended the University of Wisconsin - Stout and graduated in December of 2013 with a B.F.A in Graphic Design & Interactive Media with an emphasis on Graphic Design.

Tina was then offered a full-time position in February at Engineered Network Systems as their graphic designer and marketing specialist and then a year later promoted to Design & Marketing Associate Manager. Besides her full time job, she have been involved in various other positions and also doing freelance design and photography work on the side.
 Tina has a deep passion and love for being involved in charity and non-profit photography - she believes that giving back is the best way to use her skills to better the world.
She is always trying to keep her design skills sharp both inside and outside of her full time job. She still has a lot to learn and is willing to do whatever it takes to learn as much as possible. Tina will constantly be growing as a designer with no stopping point in mind. She is an old soul with a new way of thinking.
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