"Knowing the Unknown" | Screen Print
Final screen printing portfolio exchange project
My final project for screenprinting was a large portfolio exchange with the theme of "Beasts". I had to create an edition of 25 in order to provide enough prints to give to everyone in my class. 
I wanted to take some elements from my previous project in this course and apply it to this one as well as incorporating my "Heaven Scent" lithography print due to the fact that I really enjoyed the meaning behind that piece and wanted to share it with my class.
How I interpreted the theme "Beasts" was through my "Heaven Scent" piece, which is representative of the Day of Dead and the flowers used in the ceremonies. My idea behind this piece was that we are all faced with this beast of death in some point in our life or multiple times in our life and the space around that beast is unknown, represented by the multi-colored layers of galaxy formations. 
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