"Through the Evening Sky" | Screen Print
Open theme project for screen printing course at UW-Stout.
This print was made for a screenprinting course that I took at UW-Stout in the Fall of 2013.
The theme for this project was open and could be whatever we wanted it to be, as long as it had some sort of meaning or story behind it. I decided to use this opportunity to do a sort of identity piece. The background is a charcoal drawing that I did when I was a second year student at Stout. The astronaut and space, galaxy layers represent the unknown exploration that can be found within myself as an artist and designer. It may not come right away and it may take a certain number of years for that discovery to happen, but it will eventually happen.
"Through the Evening Sky" 
11" x 22" Screenprint on Strathmore Paper
Close-up of details
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